Integrated Growth Strategies provides customized, cost-effective advisory services to drive revenue, enhance brand equity, increase market share and improve operational efficiencies.

We refine, create and implement growth strategies for start-ups, family businesses and growth-stage companies specializing in product manufacturing and distribution, development of proprietary processes and the marketing of professional services.

Clients are generally defined as firms with up to 75 employees and projected annual revenue of $5-$50 million. Advisory engagements, or interim executive assignments, are performed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We provide independent analysis of your current business operation and recommend strategies to support business growth goals.  Integrated Growth Strategies also provides access to a network of business services to support all aspects of client growth strategies.

We listen to your needs.  We learn of your products, services and processes.  We establish the best approach for communicating benefits to your customers and important stakeholders.  We are creative and flexible…and available “24/7 On-Call”.

Integrated Growth Strategies evaluates your firm’s business plan, organizational structure, sales strategies, marketing campaigns, positioning, re-purposing, targeted verticals, product life cycle, promotional events, pricing, brand identity, work-flow, distribution channels, partnerships and customer retention strategies. 

We create or refine promotional materials, marketing channels, articles, white papers, power points, web site design and content, sales presentations, board reports and investor pitches.

Examples of fundamental evaluations and recommendations include:

Challenge: Difficulty in increasing, qualifying and prioritizing lead generation volume
Solution: SEO, SMM, multiplier strategy and targeted drip campaign increased leads 200%
Challenge: Costly third-party sales channels, unnecessary to targeted market segments.
Solution: Eliminated third parties, implemented direct-sales strategy reducing pricing 30%

Challenge: Difficulty in capturing targeted Fortune 250 "red ocean" business clients
Solution: Repositioned to "blue ocean" Fortune 500 - 1,000; increasing sales 25%

Challenge: Excessive concentration of too-few customers in one market segment
Solution: Implemented diversification to five Verticals, broadening sales targets 250%

Challenge: Poor bundling of services by individual divisions; lacking cohesive brand identity
Solution: Initiated cross-selling "Family of Companies", increasing touches 125%

Challenge: Direct sales efforts were yielding weak results, with excessive COGS
Solution: Replaced direct sales with intermediary partners, capturing end-users and saving 25%

Challenge: Vendor and sourcing relationships were costly supply side "retail" arrangements
Solution: Revenue sharing & co-marketing converted vendors to partners, reducing costs 15%

We can conduct a competitive analysis, recommending to the extend appropriate, capital sources, technology tools, legal services, accounting professionals, facilities, digital marketing, social media, public relations, graphic design and grant writing.

For a confidential review of available engagement options please contact Managing Director, Theodore Sprink at 866-494-3727 or