Welcome to Integrated Growth Strategies

A new level of effectiveness for client growth strategies with "24/7 On-Call" access to skilled executives supporting your firm's plans to drive revenue, enhance brand equity and increase market share.

Integrated Growth Strategies serves as a market development resource in planning, developing and implementing “customized low-cost strategies” to drive revenue, enhance brand equity and increase market share for start-ups, family businesses and growth-stage companies.

Clients specialize in product manufacturing and distribution, development of proprietary processes and the marketing of professional services; and are generally defined as firms with up to 75 employees and projected annual revenue of $5-$50 million.

Advisory engagements, or interim executive assignments, are performed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Customized monthly and quarterly “24/7 On-Call” engagement opportunities, provided by Integrated Growth Strategies, includes the following core competencies:

  • Evaluation of Current Marketing and Business Operations
  • Analysis of Competitive, Economic, Social and Political Factors
  • SWOT Analysis, KPIs and Predictive Analytics
  • Strategic Planning and Tactical Implementation
  • Targeted Business Development and Sales Strategies
  • Expansion of Products and Services in Related Markets
  • Client Capture and Retention Strategies
  • Direct and Intermediary Marketing Initiatives
  • Distribution Channels and Affiliated Networks
  • Branding, Re-Branding, Positioning and Re-Purposing
  • Media, Communications and Across-the-Platform Messaging
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies 
  • Cross-Marketing Initiatives for Bundled Products and Services
  • Sales Team Training as "Consultive" Subject Matter Experts
  • C-Level Support for Sales Team Presentations and Follow-Up
  • New Product Launch, Metrics-Based Program Management 
  • Diversification Strategies in Targeted Verticals 
  • Vendors Cultivated as New Sales Partners
  • Business Partnerships and Affinity Marketing Opportunities
  • Private Labeling, Licensing and Naming Rights as Revenue Streams 
  • Design, Content and Imagery of Collateral Materials and Web Presence
  • Articles for Publication, White Papers, Testimonials and Display Ads 

Integrated Growth Strategies represents a powerful resource to enhance your business marketing and branding with modestly priced “24/7 On-Call” engagement options.  We serve as your firm’s private advisory service providing vision, planning and growth strategies.  

For a confidential review of available engagement options please contact Managing Director, Theodore Sprink at 866-494-3727 or tsprink@integrated-growth.com