Sample Work Product


AIG Financial Network: Recommendations to Improve Agent Branding
Year 2014

Risk Management Brochure
Year 2014

Branding a Sales Agent
Year 2014

Expanding Vendor Verticals
Year 2014

Risk Management
Year 2014

Practical Strategies Lender Risk
Year 2009

Story of UCC Insurance
Year 2006

White Paper Analysis of Insurance in Commercial Finance Transactions
Year 2009

Commercial Insurance Testimonials
Year 2010

Benefits of Commercial Insurance
Year 2010

Insurance Reduces Commercial Lending Risk
Year 2010

Franchise Development

Diversification and Market Development
Year 2014

Strategic Marketing Initiatives
Year 2014

Franchise and Third Party Administrators
Year 2014

Franchise and Third Party Network Marketing
Year 2014

"Preparedness Protection Program" Sample Promotional Concept
Year 2014

"Accident & Trauma" Sample Promotional Concept
Year 2014

"Educational Road Show" Sample Promotional Concept
Year 2014

Business Strategies

"Baylor University C.O.R.E. Concept for Higher Education & Non-Profit"

San Diego State University Development, “Business Of Education” Development Concept

"P3 Strategy Initiative"

"Risk Management Presentation to FDIC"

"Best Practice Risk Management Tool for Secured Lenders"

"FNF Environmental Strategies Task Force"

"Sample Market Development Plan & SWOT Analysis"
April, 2013


“Concept for Non-Profit Research Foundation”

“Alternative Environmental Market Growth Opportunities”

"Carbon Emissions"
Introducing Carbon Emission Credits

Commercial Real Estate Financing

“Broader Coverages, Narrower Exclusions, Better Pricing”
Announcing our newest and most valuable lien protection policy.

“Do You Want to Be a Buyer or an Owner?”
Introducing the UCCPlus Owner’s Policy.

“Co-Op Interests Require Special Coverage”
Announcing our newest and most valuable protection for the specialized Cooperative Interest market.

“Eliminate Search Errors, Filing Office Omissions, Financing Statement Inaccuracies and Documentation Defects”
UCCPlus provides the industry’s broadest coverages, narrowest exclusions and best pricing

“UCCPlus Mezzanine Owner’s Policy for Foreclosure”
Insuring ownership through the UCC Foreclosure Process

“Multi-Family Mezzanine Loan Program”
UCC Mezzanine Protection is title insurance which insures the lender’s security

“The Advantages of UCCPlus vs. Legal Opinion”
UCCPlus offers more for major-market loan transactions involving Article 8 and 9 security interests.

“Reduce Cost, Eliminate Risk, Enhance Value”
UCCPlus provides the industry’s broadest coverages, narrowest exclusions and best pricing.

What our customers are saying

“They used to say… Don’t Mezz with Texas.”
Now for the first time Texas lawyers can rely on UCCPlus Insurance Protection.

“FastTrack Underwriting for UCCPlus Clients”
UCCPlus insures your security interest in Article 9 collateral for attachment, perfection, priority and enforceability.

“We Pledge that Your Pledges Are Our Pledges”
Our coverage provides a Mezzanine Endorsement, waiving the prior Owners/Lienors exclusion.

“Reduce Cost, Eliminate Risk, Enhance Value”
PPSA Plus provides the industry’s broadest coverage, narrowest exclusions and best pricing.

“Status Quo is The Enemy”
Improve Your Collateral Protection in a Time of Unprecedented Risk.

Risk Management

“Best-Practice Risk Management for Secured Lenders from UCCPlus”
UCCPlus insures the lender’s security interest in commercial-loan reliance collateral for attachment, perfection and priority

“Take The Risk Out”
Bring to your banker a loan request enhanced by the bank’s reliance collateral being insured by the nation’s leading provider of title and UCC insurance.

“Shifting Risk in Uncertain Times”
A program designed to protect reliance collateral and improve credit quality.

Business Fundamentals

“Reserve the Date for the Recession-Proof Road Show”
Senior Executives from our parent company will participate in a Town Hall discussion of commercial real estate trends and the factors they view as crucial to “Succeeding in a Down Cycle.”

“Multi-Family Mezzanine Lending”<
Fannie Mae is providing select mezzanine lenders the opportunity to participate in the nation’s economic recovery.

“Sale and Collateral Assignment of Notes are Insurable”
UCCPlus insures Lien Rights in Notes and the Assignee’s right to a collateral assignment.

“Opt-in to Article 8 • Insure Your Lien Priority • UCCPlus Custodial Service”
Only Fidelity National Financial’s UCCPlus Program provides investors and lenders with a “Comprehensive Loan Strategy” designed to shift risk and provide a new level of service and protection.

“It’s Not Just for Real Estate Any More … Title Insurance”
Now the nation’s leading title insurer provides credit enhancement for Risk Management professionals.

“Is Your Commercial Loan Portfolio Irrationally Exuberant?”
The nation’s leading insurer of major commercial and mezzanine loans provides the full benefit of third party UCC foreclosure.

“Know Risk”
Because of defense costs and life-of-loan protection, UCCPlus improves credit quality, thereby enhancing loan value as an asset to secondary market investors.

“Exit Strategy”
It’s now time to refine your Exit Strategy by providing prospective lenders, investors and buyers with UCCPlus Insurance Protection.